Bactakleen Travel Kit 3-in-1

Bactakleen 3-in-1 Travel Kit with Hand Sanitizer, Odour Killer and Bactashield

Bactakleen Travel Kit 3-in-1 consists of:

  1. Bactakleen Hand Sanitizer 50ml
    is a formula that is very effective at killing bacteria
    * Cleaning hands for hygiene
    * Herbal formula (without chemicals and alcohol free)
    * Safe to use for pregnant women
  2. Bactakleen Odour Killer 30ml
    is a liquid spray that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria
    * Can be applied by spraying or applying it
    * Can eliminate unpleasant odours in the vehicle, cabin or room, like the smell of cigarettes
    * This product is very safe to use, NON TOXIC (WATER BASE PRODUCT)
    * Works quickly, effectively and is easy to apply
    * Does not contain fragrances or dangerous chemicals; very safe and good for children and pregnant women
  3. Bactakleen Bactasheild Basic 30ml
    * Anti bacterial and anti fungal
    * Non toxic water based spray that will remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungi on any surface
    * Bacterial and fungal spores will die by direct contact with treated surfaces
    * One spray on the surface will last up to 3 months for long term protection
    * Bactashield Basic is completely transparent and odourless and 100% safe on any surface